Ongoing services for continual insight.

Any of the services below are available in-person or via Skype. All in-person sessions are in Pacifica, California. Address provided upon booking.

WayShower Astrology Chart

Exact Birth Time and Location Strongly Preferred.

Natal Chart
This is your chart at birth. It is the chart by which you are shown why you are here and what gifts you were given at the exact time of birth. What makes you uniquely you. We will delve into each aspect of your chart and look briefly at the year ahead.


Synastry or Compatibility Chart (prerequisite: Natal Chart Reading)
We will take two charts and compare them for the ability to be coupled. What are the easy traits in the relationship and where there would need to be compromise. Could this be a long-term relationship?


Electional Chart (prerequisite: Natal Chart Reading)
An answer to the question when do I sign my contract, is it a good time to change my job, should I buy a home? We would create a chart for a specific date or look at your chart to see if it answers the question. Also, when are some of the best times for the decision to be made?

Chart Updates
WayShower Astrology Updates

Prerequisite: Natal Chart Reading

Annual Update 
This is a chart done preferable close to or just before your birthday. This will inform you as to what areas are lit up and what you will need to focus on for the year. Is it a new job, are you inclined to more or are you getting married or maybe having a baby?


Ongoing  Check-Ins
As challenges, opportunities, and decision points arise throughout the year, it can be helpful to gain insight.

20 Minute
Single Question answered based on Transits and your chart.


30 Minute
Two Questions answered based on Transits and your chart.

Insight Guidance
WayShower Astrology Insights
Prerequisite: Natal Chart Reading
Consultations and in-depth coaching
During times of transition, WaySHOWer Astrology can help you gain insight and clarity to navigate important decisions.

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